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Astrofotografia > Máscaras > Máscaras para focagem > noctutec > noctutec Máscaras para foco easy-sharp 12"
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Máscaras para foco easy-sharp 12"

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Descrição do produto

The focus mask "easy-sharp" guarantees perfect sharpness for astrophotos .

If you aim the telescope with the focus mask "easy-sharp" on a star, three stars with three, 120 ° offset spikes can be seen in the Lifeview or on the laptop. The closer you get to the focus, the more the stars move towards each other. If you have reached the ideal focus, it comes to a superposition. There are six very fine spikes visible. The focus point is thus ideally set.

Thanks to the large openings of the mask, this works well even with weaker stars.

The mask is easy to use, and quickly brings perfect results. Do not fret about poorly judging, wriggling lines of diffraction, like other masks are known for twinkling stars or moderate horizon sightings. With "easy-sharp" it just gets sharp. Tested and recommended by experienced astrophotographers.

The mask is suitable for all on GSO / Omegon based systems.


noctutec Máscaras para foco  easy-sharp 12"

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